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Area and Regional Level Events

Both Area and Regional Level Competitions serve as qualifying events for athletes who wish to advance to State Competition.
In the sports of Bowling and Track & Field, athletes must qualify for State events by participating in their respective Area tournament or competition.
In all other sports, Sanctioned Regional events are offered.  By participation in one of these Regional events, athletes will qualify for the respective State event.
The sports of Basketball and Softball serve as the exceptions to the "participation" rule of qualifying for State Level events.  In both, teams must place first or second in their division at their assigned Regional Tournament in order to advance to the State Tournament.

Upcoming Area/Regional Competitions

Saturday, March 28
Lakeside Aquatics Meet
Ralph Wright Natatorium; University of Louisville
1:30 pm - short course; 3:00 pm - developmental

Saturday, April 4
Transylvania Aquatics Meet
William T. Young Campus Center; Transylvania University
9:00 am

Saturday, April 11
Area 6 Track and Field Meet

Meece Middle School

Asbury Aquatics Meet
Luce Center; Asbury University
9:00 am

Saturday, April 18
Area 3&9 Track and Field Meet
Johnson Central High School

Area 5 Track and Field Meet
Bowling Green High School
Bowling Green

Northern Kentucky Aquatics Meet
Silverlake Recreation Center
4:15 pm - short course; 5:00 pm - developmental

Saturday, April 25
Area 1 Track and Field Meet
Murray State University

Area 2 Track and Field Meet
Apollo High School

Area 7 Track and Field Meet
Lloyd High School

Area 8 Track and Field Meet
Bryan Station High School

University of Louisville Aquatics Meet
Ralph Wright Natatorium; University of Louisville
1:30 pm - short course; 3:00 pm - developmental

July 11
Louisville Regional Golf Tournament
Shawnee Golf Course

July 26
Northern Kentucky Golf Regional
Pioneer Golf Course





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