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Athlete Leadership Programs

Athletes Becoming Leaders and Spokespeople for Special Olympics

Global MessengerAthlete Leadership Programs (ALPs) provide training and support for athletes who desire to expand their participation in Special Olympics both on and off the competition field.  Through ALPs, athletes receive training and have opportunities to hold positions of leadership and influence. In these roles, athletes help determine policy and set direction for Special Olympics. Ultimately, ALPs helps to create a “culture of welcome” throughout the organization as athletes are welcomed into their new leadership roles and serve alongside other volunteers.

Mission of Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs):
To empower athletes to develop leadership skills and utilize their voices to assume meaningful leadership roles, influence change in the Special Olympics movement and educate communities around the world that results in positive life changes. -ALPs Summit, Vancouver, BC – March 2011

For more information regarding any of these programs, please contact: Justin Harville / 502-695-8222 or  jharville@soky.org

Athletes on the Board of Directors
Special Olympics Kentucky welcomes athletes to our Board of Directors. These athletes represent athlete concerns and participate in decision making at the chapter level.  Currently Crystal Maston from Area 5 is serving a 2 year term.

Athletes as Committee Members
Athletes are encouraged to participate on existing area and chapter committees. Their involvement is crucial to our organization.

Chapter Input Council
This council is a forum for athletes to report to other athletes what is happening in their areas, voice their opinions about important issues, and gain leadership training and experience. Each area within Special Olympics Kentucky will be working to form an ALPs Input Council. This council will be similar to the Chapter council, but will focus on area issues. The area councils allow athletes more opportunities to become involved in all aspects of Special Olympics Kentucky.  Athlete Trainings are being planned for the upcoming year.

Global Messengers
This program trains athletes to be public speakers and leaders in Special Olympics Kentucky. Global Messengers give speeches to schools, civic organizations, businesses, group homes, and other locations for the purpose of improving public relations, recruiting new athletes, coaches and volunteers, and fundraising.  Currently there are more than 20 athletes trained as Global Messengers across the state.  If you would like to have one of them come speak to your group or organization please contact the state office. 

Athletes as Volunteers
This program encourages athletes to become involved in their area as volunteers. These athletes serve as important role models to other athletes and gain valuable experience that can lead to additional opportunities such as employment or newly found talents and confidence.

Athletes as Employees
Special Olympics Kentucky has employment opportunities for athletes at our state office in Frankfort. These opportunities allow athletes to not only participate in our programs, but also be gainfully employed.

Athletes as Coaches
Athletes have the opportunity to become coaches. This program supports athletes as they fulfill requirements to become effective coaches to other Special Olympics Kentucky athletes.

Athletes as Officials
Athletes have the opportunity to become certified officials to officiate for Special Olympics Kentucky and possibly for other sporting events as well. This program supports athletes who would like to pursue an official's certification.

If you as an athlete have other areas you would like to have training in please reach out to the state office and voice your interest.  Special Olympics Kentucky is currently looking to offer trainings in technology and Governance. For more information regarding any of these programs or if you would like to have any of these programs brought to your school or area please contact: Justin Harville at 502-695-8222 or  jharville@soky.org


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