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SO Get Into It

Easy to use curriculum fosters understand, promotes diversity
SO Get Into IT

SO Get Into It is a curriculum resource kit for students with and without disabilities. The kit provides the necessary materials to involve your students in learning about those who are different, but who can nonetheless inspire the world with the lesson that we all have gifts to contribute no matter what our limitations.

Special Olympics is already one of the world’s greatest success stories. Around the world, more than 1 million children and adults with intellectual disabilities take part in the year-round sports training and athletic competition.

The kits are available in four lessons for four grade levels:
Primary (K-2)
Elementary (3-5)
Middle (6-8)
High School (9-12)

This program was designed as a relatively simple way to achieve several closely related student learning goals:

  • To understand, accept, and celebrate individual differences
  • To learn about and become involved in Special Olympics
  • To become involved in a service-learning project or activity related to Special Olympics, including participation in Special Olympics sports and events

Why SO Get Into it to you and your students?

  • The kits teach young people about diversity at the same time they empower them to “be the difference”!
  • These kits are a unique curriculum for all students with/without disabilities
  • They teach the values of inclusion, tolerance, and respect (Character Education).
  • They challenge stereo types by learning about inspirational Special Olympics Athletes.

Visit the SO Get Into It Web site

For more information bringing SO Get Into It into your classroom please contact Brittany Abell at 800-633-7403 or babell@soky.org.



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