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Project Unify

Building Stronger School Communities
Project Unify

In 2008, Special Olympics North America was awarded funding from the US Department of Education with a goal to activate communities where all young people are agents of change, who foster advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities (ID). To accomplish this goal, the organization formed “Project UNIFY,” a program that seeks to utilize existing state Special Olympics programs and initiatives in combination with schools to promote socially inclusive communities. Special Olympics Kentucky is excited to announce that any school committing to the Project UNIFY movement has the opportunity to request funding to assist with their program.

The goal for Project UNIFY programs in Kentucky schools is as follows…
The Special Olympics Kentucky Project UNIFY mission is where every person, regardless of their ability or disability, is accepted, welcomed, and valued! We strive to create an atmosphere where youth improve attitudes, enhance relationships, and boost acceptance among all students. through education initiatives, youth activation, inclusive sports and social inclusion opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities.

Kentucky Project UNIFY at a glance

Ballard High School won the top division of the Jefferson COunty Unified Basketball League in 2015.   The Murray High School Unified track relay team became the first to particiapte in the Kentucky State Track Meet as part of a new initiative with the KHSAA.

Project UNIFY Kentucky Schools
AB Chandler Elementary
Audubon Elementary
Burns Elementary
Central City Elementary
Country Heights Elementary
East View Elementary
Estes Elementary
Longest Elementary
Newton Parrish Elementary
North Hancock Elementary
Owensboro Catholic Elementary
Sorgho Elementary
Southern Oaks Elementary
Wayland Alexander Elementary
West Louisville Elementary
Western Elementary

Bondurant Middle
College View Middle
Daviess County Middle
F.T. Burns Middle
Henderson County North Middle
Leestown Middle
McLean County Middle
Olmsted Middle
Owensboro Middle
Union County Middle
Western Middle

High School:
Ahrens Education High
Atherton High
Ballard High
Daviess County High
Doss High
Eastern High
Fern Creek High
Frankfort High
Franklin County High
Lexington Catholic High
Male Traditional High
McLean County High
Moore Traditional High
Muhlenberg County High
Murray High
Pleasure Ridge Park High
Southern High
The Phoenix School of Discovery High
Valley High
Waggener High
Western Hills High

For more information about Project Unify or to see how your school can be involved, contact Brittany Abell ar 502-695-8222 or via e-mail at babell@soky.org.



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